what this coalition needs:

Our basic strategy is to first create a respectable crowdfunding promotional video, to then crowdfund, the creation of this web-resource. Sounds simple doesn't it?

To create a solid promotional video for the project we first need people who even know what it is or see a reason to participate. That means it'd be great if each one seeing this, that also honestly agrees with this project being worthwhile, could show one or two other people who might be interested, then we might have an easier time finding everything else.

We are inviting anyone to send us useful media that we can use like relevant infographics, even film of them just talking about why this is important or useful. We've produced a script outlining the basic benefits and content involved so if anyone wants to see that and modify it however, the sky's the limit. We want to gather lots of content to edit a higher quality end product.

We also need help either finding an 'umbrella non-profit' to join in under for now, or help with starting our own 501(c)3 non-profit status.

 We'd also like to "copy-left" or patent content so it can be used freely by all instead of potentially being patented by someone else and then denied to us. That one's unlikely but if anyone's skillful there I'd love to know more.

That's all I can really think of for now. Cheers everyone,