Hello and welcome,


      This space exists for discussion, planning, and action for collectively developing WikiPeace. The idea is we don't need to vote between two evils when we finally have the technology necessary for the ballots to be generated by people who actually care, and crafted by the entire community being impacted. Individual "representatives" can be bribed or threatenned but trying to bribe or threaten a whole city, in a horizontalist democracy, will be a whole different ball game. Especially with this project's 'token' system, any propaganda corporate 'think tanks' want to employ on the masses will become more sitting ducks to be destroyed in public, by the public. We have special treats for scientists, engineers. and other specialists. We have special treats for unpolitically motivated "layfolk" to get involved. And of course we have tons of new tools for people who already are already committed to taking action.

Thank you for tuning in, please look around, and offer feedback.